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How to study and how to manage your time?

Info sessions on Monday October 24th 2016.áMore info and subscription on:

A flu free winter

All bachelor and master students* at KU Leuven Campus Groep T Leuven can get a flu vaccine in the last week of October at the Student Health Centre at a reduced cost of 8 euros, after online registration.áPhD students with KU Leuven staff status can get a free flu vaccination through IDEWE.

Support for students with a disability

In need of bigger print, (digital) braille?á Or more time for an examination because of dyslexia? Are you absent on a regular basis because of a chronic illness? Problems concentrating? Do not hesitate and contact disability officer Evelien Ameloot, tel. 016 32 44 59, More info:

The KU Leuven's Housing Service is making things a lot easier for you

Kotwijs, the KU Leuven's website that helps you look for student housing, has been updated: You now also get to see pictures of the accommodation you're interested in. The university's housing service also developed posters with QR-codes. In this way you can have a look at the details of the student housing you're literally standing in front of via

Where to put your bike safe and clean?

Only one place: in the underground parking lot at Campus Group T (level -1)
It is not allowed to put your bike:

  • along the entire sidewalk of the Campus
  • at the space before the entrance of the building
  • ábefore the evacuation doors
What to do in case of evacuation of Campus Group T
Due to the building project the emergency exit at the ground floor of the ‘staircase connecting modules 5-9-13’ is temporarily closed.
In case of emergency, use the main exit at the ground floor to leave the building (annex 1).
If this is not an option, leave the building through the ‘staircase connecting modules 5-9-13’ ; go downstairs to the parking place at -1 and leave the building through the ‘parking entrance’ (annex 2).á
The new assembly point for all persons involved in the evacuation procedure is the footpath of the DEKENSTRAAT.