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Welcome to, Group T's ICT and Communications Departments' new e-gem.

On this page you'll find a brief presentation on this new and improved service. Improved? Definitely, because from now on you'll have access to personalized information just by logging-in.

A website can't be compared to a book in print. Our teams continuously update the site's information. Note an error? Any suggestions? We'd like to hear from you:

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Opening Hours
March 1, 2015
  • Vesalius Campus: closed
    Alma: closed Menu
  • Comenius Campus: closed
March 2, 2015
  • Vesalius Campus: 07:30-21:40
    Alma: 07:30-21:00 Menu
  • Comenius Campus: 07:30-21:40
  • Mar 10: 00:00
  • Mar 27: 00:00
  • Dec 8: 00:00

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